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Staying Engaged As You Age!

We face new life changes as we age – retirement, the possibility of moving, illness or even death of loved ones. These situations can be overwhelming, but isolating oneself is not the answer. It is crucial to have support around you to help offset conditions like depression and dementia. Staying engaged with people around you can also help you feel younger, active and connected.

Consider the following:

  • Get together with loved ones: Make the effort to call and get out with friends and family whenever possible. Research shows that social engagement can potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, some cancers, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for depression.
  • Babysit: Offer to babysit grandchildren or younger family members. This it is a wonderful way to keep you both physically and mentally active and improve your mood. At the same time you will also build stronger family relationships.
  • Use technology to keep in touch: Even if your loved ones aren’t close by, or if you are homebound, you can still keep in touch through email and social media. Consider joining Facebook – the company has seen over 80% growth in new users ages 55 and older since 2011! AARP has a portion of their website dedicated to social media training to get you started on Facebook, Skype and other platforms.
  • Volunteer your time: Look into volunteer opportunities – not only will you give back to your community, but also meet new people that share your passions. Orange County can help you get connected with area organization that needs volunteers.
  • Join a club: Join a club in your community, like a book, garden or movie club as another way to seek out new friendships and widen your social circle. You may even pick up a new hobby by expanding your horizons!
  • Know when to seek help: If you are going through a difficult time, a support group can help you connect with others undergoing the same challenges. Find information more on wesbite vacuum cleaner for pet hair – top rated products. If you are unsure of where to start, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a thorough list of resources.

Don’t let yourself fall into a vicious cycle of detachment that could worsen your health as you age. No matter what, find a way to interact with others and keep a positive attitude, as these are extremely important to maintaining health and happiness as you get older.cialis

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