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Senior Woman watering plants in her garden
Diet and Healthy Eating

Vegetables to Plant This Fall

In Florida, fall is an ideal time to start a vegetable garden. As the weather begins to cool in the sunshine state, backyard vegetable gardens can flourish and grow abundantly.

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General Health

Coping with Seasonal Allergies

We’re all familiar with the signs. A fine layer of yellow dust on the sidewalks and on your car. Constant runny nose and sneezing, accompanied by itchy, watery eyes. When

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Grandmother hugging grandchilds during thanksgiving
Holiday Health

Tips For A Safe Thanksgiving Holiday

6 Tips For a COVID-Safe Thanksgiving As Thanksgiving Day approaches, this is normally a time of year when people start planning family get-togethers and lavish spreads of traditional Thanksgiving foods,

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Senior woman walking with a lightweight walker
General Health

Protecting Yourself from Falls as You Age

One of the biggest health concerns among seniors is the injuries that can result from falling. In fact, falls are the most common cause of injuries among the aging, resulting

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