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Senior Woman watering plants in her garden
Diet and Healthy Eating

Vegetables to Plant This Fall

In Florida, fall is an ideal time to start a vegetable garden. As the weather begins to cool in the sunshine state, backyard vegetable gardens can flourish and grow abundantly.

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General Health

Benefits of Journaling for Seniors

You may remember keeping a journal in your youth to chronicle your life and write out your thoughts and feelings in a safe place. While most people associate journaling with

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Preparing the Grandkids for Back-to-School

Grandparents have a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. Parents of school-age children often rely on grandparents to help care for and support the youngest members of the

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Exercise for Seniors

At-Home Exercises for Seniors

Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps maintain a healthy weight, and even improves mental health and mood.

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