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General Health

New Year. New Goals. New You!

Let’s face it… the last twelve months have been difficult for most people, but 2020 has been especially trying for seniors. Because our general health, and specifically our immune systems,

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General Health

Lung Health Awareness Month

How Aging Affects Your Lungs and Breathing With October being National Lung Health Month, it’s good to discuss the importance of healthy lungs and optimal breathing for senior patients. One

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Diet and Healthy Eating

Helping Seniors Stay Hydrated

One of the more important, and often most overlooked health issues for seniors is dehydration. Too frequently, people who are at an advanced age are not properly hydrated, which happens

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5 Stay-cation Ideas for Seniors

As we get older, taking vacations can get more and more difficult. For many seniors, long road trips in a car can be very uncomfortable, even painful. Flying can also

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